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About wecraft

What do you get when you take a technology marketer and a manufacturing sales veteran and put them both in the in the craft industry together? In our case, we got much more than we bargained for. The marriage of our marketing and sales careers first came together at one of the largest manufacturers in the craft industry. It was there that we first realized, the craft industry, and most if not all, manufacturing takes far too long from idea to sellable product.

Wecraft was created to help everyone win. Our goal is to bring crafters the latest and greatest products, at a lower price because we remove all the barriers to the market. We are going directly to product designers and manufacturing products we can bring direct to you, the consumer. Consumers get the products they need and designers get to bring their products to the market faster than ever before.

It is our hope the marriage of of our experience in the craft industry will result in a worldwide craft community that shows the rest of the manufacturing world that the best way to bring products to market is by becoming an active member of the community your consumers participate in - - for crafts we believe the community is wecraft, and it is all yours!